Download free sample application software project in VB.Net (Windows form, DB Connection)

Visual Basic .Net Sample Software Project description

This Sample Microsoft Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net) project explains how to connect MS Access database as a backend, Using ADODB, OLE DB connection, without using data control and completely written by manual, Using Add new method and Insert into method to update database. Using Grid control efficiently to search and filter data. Crystal Report application has been used to generate reports.

Who can use this Visual Basic .Net Sample Software Project ?

This sample application will helpful to VB 6.0 programmers who want to shift to .Net program and Especially for beginners and new

This fully functional sample programe covers...

  • Handling Windows Form Controls
  • Database connection using ADODB
  • with MS Access database
  • Written coding to connect DB
  • Crystal Report 8 with VB.NET
  • Using Grid control to search / filter data

VB.Net Sample Project Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge view)