Free Accounting software source code in Vb, Free to Download, Fully functional open source code project

Accounting Software Project description

Our free open source accounting software project is based on Double Entry Accounting System which is being used commonly all over the world. This software is useful to Small and Medium scale business units, companies, Individuals and for auditors. Visual basic developers, developers. It is Free to download and will work in Windows Platform (XP / Win 7) Platforms.

Who can use this Accounts Software ?

Vb & Developers, Business people, Auditors, Firms, Companies and Accountants

Features of the accounting software project

  • Facility to create Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
  • Ledger Accounts heads merging feature
  • Reports Such as Day book, Trail balance, Trading, Profit & Loss A/c, Balance sheet, & Income and Expenditure statistical reports
  • Utility for finding out difference in Opening Balance
  • Easy entry of Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Purchase Voucher, Sales Voucher, Journal, Contra, Returns, Opening and Closing stock etc
  • Fast prining option
  • Easy to update the opening balance
  • Account Statements can be exported to Excel, Word and HTML Formats.

Accounting software Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge view)

Accounts software open source free download - Screenshot 1
Accounts software open source free download - Screenshot Accounts Ledger creation
Accounts software open source free download - Screenshot BRS