Free Download SMS Sending software using SMS Modem AT Command - With full source code

Project description

Ultimate solution for sending offline BULK SMS without any internet connection. It will be useful to colleges, schools, companies etc for sending same information to multiple users. You just need an AT Command Supporting SMS Modem and SIM Card. Download Software with FULL SOURCE code at Free of Cost.

Who can use this SMS Sending Software project ?

Colleges, Schools and Organisations who want to communicate (send message via mobile) to more number of people at one go.

Features of the SMS Sending Software

  • Each School / Organisation can create Groups such as Student Group, Teaching Staff Group, Non Teaching Staff Group, Foreman Group etc as per their wish.
  • Everytime they have to select only the group to which SMS should be send.
  • Adding or Deleting groups can be done.
  • Adding members or deleting members in a group can also be done (like due to new recruitment, retirement, resignation etc).
  • SMS can also be sent to multiple groups.
  • Supporting AT Commands such as AT+CMGS, AT+CMGF=1 etc

SMS Sending Software Screenshots (Click on image to enlarge view)